The ultimate doom mystery

It was the hottest day of summer and Gortimer and his two best friends Melody and Ranger were just laying in the courtyard, sleeping lazily, when Gortimer decided to went to the store to buy some cold drinks for their friends. He got bumped into an old blind lady who was buying a watermelon. That watermelon crashed into pieces and Gortimer was feeling guilty for his carelessness, so he decided to help that blind lady to her home.

He then uncovers a strange mystery about the summer. Blind lady ask Gortimer to kill the ultimate doom of the frog with the fork of Fortune.

Melody, the mastermind is preparing Gortimer for the challenge and they decide to break the mystery.

When Gortimer went in the cellar he founds out that the frog was sitting right over there and he gives him a ring studded with a precious blue stone. Gortimer pull the thread three times and there friends took him up.

He takes the ring directly to the blind lady and the lady reveals another secret… She says years ago when I was young and beautiful I wanted to set my carrier as a model. I went to the wishing well and like everyone throws coin into the well and make a wish I threw this ring and made a wish. When suddenly a boy appeared and he gave me that ring. He was the most handsome boy with golden eyes. And all of sudden my life began to change and I was the luckiest person in the world. It was like living a dream. My career was at the top notch and suddenly he appeared one day amongst the audience, he was looking at me. It felt like I owe him something but I didn’t. I did everything by myself I worked hard and I was the one who took efforts. I owe him nothing. I lost my eyesight by explaining him all this and then I was living the worst. It all came to an end. I lost everything. And so Gortimer, you go down there and tell him all this.

Gortimer went down again and he saw that boy crying over there. He told him that she lost her eyesight what else do you want? She doesn’t feel that way about you. It will be good if you move on. And all of a sudden it started raining heavily. The cellar filled with water and Gortimer came out covered all over with mud.

The lady asked him did he went away? Gortimer answered, ‘Yes, miss. Don’t worry! He is never coming back.

And finally the hottest day ended. The next day the lady went again to the wishing well and threw that ring into the well and this time the frog didn’t came out. Gortimer and his friends came there and asked that lady what she was doing there and she replied just waiting for an old friend. That is when first time she saw Gortimer and his friends. She invited them to her house. They celebrate with Ranger’s homemade cake.

They say make a wish and you will receive. But there is always a hidden price you have to pay they won’t tell about. Nothing comes for free.

They say that love is blind but the real danger is being blind to love!


Something borrowed….


You can’t always get what you want, so sometimes you try to trick yourself until you think you don’t want what you think you can never get and then there are those times you do get what you want, just not the way you wanted!

This is why I have tried to stay away from love it’s too confusing!!!


Sometimes life goes a little slower than you wanted to,

Whether its getting comfortable with someone or getting comfortable with yourself!

Things just take time,

But while you wait, you might find that the things you want the most are the things that are happening right now!


Book review: If its not forever, its not love!

“If its not forever, its not love” a novel written by Durjoy Datta. In which Durjoy describes a beautiful love story! The story begins with the Chandni Chowk blast and he was one of the victim. He thinks of himself as a lucky guy who survives in that blast, but feels pity about those who died in that blast! 

He again visit that place, few days after the blast, where he finds a diary of a man having initials RD. He can’t resist himself from reading someone’s personal diary. It was about a boy  who truly loves a girl named Ragini, but he founds himself in some love triangle and so he decides not to tell Ragini about it! [Durjoy tries to know more about Ritam Dey.(RD).] He had described Ragini very well in his diary and also that how much he like her. Ragini was in love with some other guy named Nigel who was addicted to alcohol and drugs and forces Ragini to have it too, in front of his friends. At first Ragini fights with Nigel, but then she finds herself to be in love with Nigel and for his sake she too got addicted to alcohol. 

Through all this times Ritam Dey (RD) protected Ragini and advice her to stay away from him. He explains to Ragini that if Nigel truly loves her, he should accept her the way she is! But Ragini tells him that he doesn’t understand anything and she also fought with him. She had even stopped talking to Ritam. Ritam didn’t like all this and had decided to stay silent, if that makes Ragini happy! 

Ritam had came all the way to Bangalore for Ragini but the internship gets over and he found himself unhappy as he was knowing that the time of parting had came and he have to leave Ragini. Ragini wrote an apology letter to Ritam for her previous behavior and tells him to leave now. Ritam was upset but he decides to keep fighting for his love and with the hope that someday he would tell to Ragini that how much he loves her!

All this scenario was mentioned in diary and Durjoy thought that Ritam is now no more, as he found his burnt diary in that blast. Durjoy wanted to tell to Ragini, about Ritam, and how much he loved her but never expressed to her and died in the blast. So he went on a tour with his friend Shrey, where he founds himself alone as Tiya (Shrey’s girlfriend) comes over and joins them in their trip. He misses his girlfriend Avantika (his wife in present times) and recalls the moments he had spend with her. He calls Avantika to join them and they all four started finding Ragini where they meet some other peoples too, mentioned in diary. They went to different places to meet Ritam’s only sister and his friends! They tell the whole story to everyone and also that Ritam was no more!

But then comes a twist  in the story.At the end when they reach at Ragini’s house they found that Ragini was dead and not Ritam. They all were taken aback. It seems like life is very unfair and they consolidate to Ritam. Ritam was then in huge trauma and got addicted to alcohol just like Ragini. He wanted to die as he was having no one to live for and wrote a letter to Durjoy. Reading this Durjoy again arranges the trip to Mumbai. While suddenly his phone rang and it was from Ritam. 

Ritam invites Durjoy to meet him as he was alive and he tells that Ragini too is not dead. Hearing to this they all went to Ritam’s house, where they found Ragini was sleeping, she was totally burnt but survived anyway in the blast. They all where surprised when they saw that this all blast thing had not lessened Ritam’s love for Ragini and he also wanted to marry her.

Doctor warned that Ragini had just few months to live, but Ritam was having trust in himself that his love will cure Ragini. After all this incident, Durjoy describes how his love has increased for Avantika, and Shrey and Tiya are good together. Also Ragini is getting better day by day, she had not yet accepted Ritam’s proposal but she surely will. Doctor suggest for plastic surgery, when Ritam says that he love her the way she is, but Ragini wanted to go for surgery. She had also read the diary and found herself lucky to have someone who loves her more than anything and beyond her imagination!!!

This is just an overview, for more read…… “If its not forever, its not love!!!”

Hide & Seek!

Emily was alone at home with her little brother Caleb. She was getting bored and so she decided to call her friend Abby. Abby was two years elder than Emily. They were alone and so started playing Emily’s favourite game ~ Hide and seek.

It was caleb’s turn for seeking and emily and abby started finding a place to hide. Emily : Let’s hide upstairs, come with me abby! Abby followed emily as she knew that Emily was much better than her. They both ran towards store room! It was quiet dark and they both hide beneath a table. 18….19….20… I am coming….get ready.. warned caleb. Caleb moved upstairs and find them in all other rooms except store room, where emily and abby were hidden.

Suddenly caleb stop walking and was waiting for them to come out. They both get worried and they stepped out of the room and caleb caught abby! Now the game was over and so abby decided to leave.

Few minutes later…..

Mom…. Dad…. you came…. I was eagerly waiting, said Emily. Listen Emily you have to take care of your little brother caleb, always. Even if we die some day! Always be with him…promise us, Emily. I will always take care of him, mom, don’t worry! But why are you talking like that suddenly. “Nothing dear! Goodnight and now go to sleep!

Emily moved towards her room and slept. But thoughts about why her mother was talking about such things all of a sudden are not letting her sleep. Suddenly few men came inside their house and started firing. Emily woked up and ran towards her brother’s room to make sure he is safe. She took caleb and ran towards the door and hide behind it. “Emily why they are here? who are they? asked caleb.” “Shhh… Caleb, don’t make noise, keep quiet. This is a hide and seek game and we have to win!” Suddenly they both heard firing and her mother shouted! “OH! mom… dad….” tears fell from emily’s eyes.

However police arrived and they all run away. caleb and emily were safe but police inform that their parents were no more. Emily didn’t talk to caleb about this and told him that we have to go to somewhere else. A lady officer soon approach to Emily and asked her if she had seen the face of murderer but she told that the whole room was dark and I was not able to see his face but I heard a shot! The lady officer told her to bring a directory to call some of their relatives so that they can keep caleb and emily at their house.

Lady officer then came to Emily and said, “Harmons are going to adopt you. Do you want to go and live with them?” Emily was having no other options so she agreed and packed her bags, also took caleb’s toys and his cloths with her! After a long journey they arrived at a big mansion and their was a big garden surrounded by the mansion. But that was the only house that look lively and beside it there was a broken house.(abondoned)

Suddenly Mr. harmon arrived and meet Emily. “Hello emily, I am Mr.harmon and she is my wife.” hello! Mr. and Mrs. Harmon, he is my brother caleb!” “Come inside dear, let me show you our house!” Emily and Caleb moves inside and were totally surprised, it was a huge mansion. Mr. Harmon said, “you both can explore the whole mansion but make sure you don’t visit 4th floor of the mansion i.e. the last floor. Emily asked “why? what’s the reason behind it?” Mrs Harmon said, “nothing much, their are some important family stuff so don’t visit there, and the rest whole mansion is yours! By the time we set caleb’s and your room just explore whole mansion. (Mrs Harmon doesn’t look like a normal being, she was extra white and having huge dark circles around her eyes also lips were red like bood)

Few hours later…..

Mrs harmon: Come on, emily and caleb, your dinner is ready! Caleb doesn’t talk with harmons much, he didn’t trust them! Emily and caleb moved towards the dining table to have their dinner. After dinner Mrs. Harmon took Emily and Caleb to show their rooms. Caleb’s room was full of toy stuff and a lava lamp in a side corner. Caleb was now very happy and he started becoming familiar to harmons. Then they moved towards Emily’s room. It was bigger than caleb’s room with some books and video games. They both thank Mrs.harmon for such a beautiful room. And go to sleep. Emily was not able to sleep because of that new place.

Suddenly in the dark she saw a shadow coming towards her and she thought it was of Caleb. “Caleb go to sleep, why you came over?” Caleb didn’t answered. “Let me take you towards your room” The shadow followed her towards caleb’s room. She saw that caleb was already sleeping on his bed and so she shouted and the shadow said “SACRIFICE!” Suddenly Mrs.Harmon arrives their and turned on the lights and asked emily “what happened?” Emily said “I saw a spirit?” “what? where? there is nothing dear, you must be dreaming now go to sleep.”

Next day…..

Abby video call emily. Hello emily, how’s you? and how are your new parents? Emily~ “HI! abby! I am fine and they are not my parents they have just adopted us. By the way I don’t feel something good about this Harmons they are strange,you know, yesterday I saw a spirit. Abby ~ Maybe its your dream and recently many bad things had happened to you so may be that was just an illusion. relax! Emily ~ you know they also told me and caleb to explore the whole mansion but never enter into the 4th floor! Abby ~ is it so? then are you going to visit there? Emily~ I don’t know! Abby~ Listen emily, I am getting late. got to go! and turn off the video chat without letting emily to say bye!

Getting bored, she moved towards the garden, their she saw a lady watering all plants. She went near her and asked her, “what’s your name? Do you work here? She turned towards her. she was strange and wearing a white gown with blue lace. “oh, hello! My name is Rosemary and I am a gardener here.” “My name is Emily. Harmons had recently adapted me and my little brother caleb.” Rosemary ~ YOUR LIFE IS IN DANGER, RUN AWAY FROM HERE AS FAR AS POSSIBLE! and rosemary disappeared. emily wondered why she was talking like this. Anyways I need to go home caleb must be waiting for me!

Caleb now follows Mr. harmon whole day and had started being away from emily. he rarely talks with emily. After having dinner she went to her room were mrs.harmon was waiting for her and asked her “how was your day” Emily told “it was nice, I met Rosemary today, your gardener!” “How could you have meet her she used to work here a long time ago! Anyways goodnight! and mrs.harmon leaves the room!” Again Emily wasn’t able to sleep and she went towards the window and what she saw….. there was a man hitting a woman with stone. Emily was about to shout but then he saw that man was none other than Mr.harmon! She quickly went to the bed and go to sleep.

After that she started making distance with Mr. harmon. She thought it was just a dream. Next day she talked to mrs. harmon to arrange them some school. Mrs. harmon told her that you will be homeschooled don’t worry! Emily~ Why homeschooled? I want to go to school like other childrens and also here are no friends and this house is so far away from city. Mrs. harmon~ I don’t want any arguements you will get the best teachers, okay now go to your room.

Now Emily is feeling controlled and also there are many rules in this house nobody cares about emily’s choice. Also she was able to see many spirits around the mansion and that abondoned house was still a mystery. Mr.harmon arrives then and ask her why she is not speaking to her and she tells the whole nightmare. Mr. Harmon~ that was just a dream, okay!

Next day….

She went to that abondoned house and she thought there would be no one but there where 5 childrens inside that house. Out of which one was violet, a girl, strange looking just like Mrs.harmon. They call emily to play hide and seek with them. Violet told that your life is in ‘danger’ emily, run away from here. She asked “Why?” And violet tells the whole story that what you are considering as dreams are not dreams they are real spirits and Mr. harmon is obssessed with his artwork. He wants real painting and so he killed all. I am her daughter and I am also dead. He wants to control the spirits. He gets some spiritual powers by doing this!

She wanted to run away with his brother caleb and want to save him but caleb is not even talking with her. She takes away caleb with her but caleb flies away. She wondered how could he? Their comes Mrs. Harmon, He will not come with you, he is dead just like me! I am sorry dear. My husband killed me and him and also your parents. he is obsessed and you are like my daughter so run away from here and never come back again! I want to save you!

Their arrives violet she told emily to do them a favour. please bring a box from 4th floor it is made up of fingers, that is the only way you can save us! She anyhow manages to bring that box as Mr. harmon went to the city and then she gives it to violet. Violet do something with that box and thus all spirit then become free from the control of Mr.harmon. She was upset because she lost everyone but she is happy that she had freed all of them and then runs far away from that place. Mr. Harmon was killed by all that spirits!

In the end emily wins the hide and seek game!

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As we all know introverts are shy kinds of people. They are preoccupied with their own thoughts and ideas. The one whose motives and actions are towards their inner sides.

How can you know that you are a introvert or not? When you start feeling deep inside a feeling of loneliness and unworthy that is when you can say that you have started becoming introvert!

Introverts enjoy to be alone and give most time to themselves, creating themselves better, finding their passion and try their luck in different things. That is their plus point. But at the same time they like to avoid being social and meeting to peoples, it doesn’t mean they don’t like to socialize but they socialize less compare to others.

However, the power, qualities and talent of introverts can never be neglected they are full of talent but don’t show it up to others.

But not all people like to be introvert and it is not bad to be an introvert till you know how to use your powers. The very first thing  you require is a good knowledge and an attitude of learning.

It is very necessary to acquire knowledge because only a well educated mind knows how to make compartment inside their heads for different things. Also when to shutter off your brain when you don’t want to learn or experience something.

Because as I said earlier the motives and actions of introverts are towards inside, if they don’t know when to use their power of knowledge they will experience all bad things which actually they should not! And being introvert that unwanted experiences will reside inside you!

Human brain works in a great sense it keeps out the bad experiences and good things goes inside and reside their as memories. Whereas in introverts  all thoughts goes inside and so to create that shutter education and attitude of learning new things is required.

So if you are an introvert try to learn new things everyday and educate your mind as much as possible!

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Something about social media!!

Hello there! I haven’t posted anything since many days! But here I am with something new and interesting! This is something I always wanted to discuss i.e. life of people on social media!

 Just ask yourself something, how much have you recently progressed in your life? Is social media becoming  heavy in your life and stop letting you achieve your goals? See here I am not against social media or their users but you can think about this, and if not, this article is surely going to help you!

One should keep themselves updated and aware of the things happening around them but also at the same time how to use this social media is also a matter to think about!

If you use all this to get education or for running your business etc, then it is good but if you are doing nothing and still you are on social media whole day then you must need some motivation in your life!

Just think about it, the people who are famous have not became famous by using social media they all have really worked hard in their lives and achieved their goals!

Once my teacher told me something which should be always remembered and a heart touching thing …”Sachin Tendulkar would never have become such a great player, if he would sit in the stadium and cheer up like others!” Now this is something which force us to think about, isn’t it?

You work so hard, right? For some or the other thing but when it comes to relations make sure you surround yourself with the people who are concerned about you even when you don’t post your problems on social media!

And the people whom you meet on social media are not always going to be a part of your life, so stop caring for them! Just for example :~ if someone is dying around and the person standing over their is busy shooting video because he wanted to post it on social media and ask for help, instead he should have helped that man maybe he would be alive now!

And also if you think that what about those who have created their life through social media! Let me make it clear, they also don’t use social media so much like you do they have just done their earnings! 

Recently I watched a video where Jo Firestone had gave a very effective suggestion to improve your life!

That I had recently turned off Facebook because it is a very terrible thing like if I am awake at 2 in the morning and I will go through all your photos, I know everything about you, your friends, your friend’s friends and your parents also what you are wearing everyday but if you dare to show me a photo album, after looking at just three pictures , I am like what the hell are you doing? You are wasting my precious time, my time is very important!😂

This is something funny but at the same time thats also true!!

Think about it!! And change your living!

Thanks for reading!!!